Nod to the Saturn and it’s a nod to the future of cars.

The company has just released the first in a new line of Saturn Cars.

These vehicles are designed to be a little more modern and sleek than what you’d find on the current-generation models, but with some very modern touches like carbon fiber and a new aluminum body.

The first model is the Saturn S-series.

The price of the car will be $65,000, or $4,000 less than the $85,000 starting price of a current-gen Saturn.

The car is a sports sedan, and it uses the same carbon fiber body and design language as the current Saturn.

That means that it’ll be even more affordable than the current models, which start at $88,000.

Other features include a rear-seatback design, and a rear seat that can recline up to 60 degrees.

The Saturn S is available with and without a rearview camera, and we’re guessing that’s because the company wants to make it look a little bit more futuristic than it already is.