The sun is shining over South Carolina as temperatures reach 40 degrees.

But it’s still not a great day for many motorists.

And one man is doing everything he can to change that.

In a video posted on YouTube, driver John Deere says he has only one car left after the accident on Interstate 70 in Columbia.

Deere is an auto mechanic who was driving his truck and had only one spare.

His truck is now in a salvage yard in Florida.

Deeman’s wife, Amanda, is in the passenger seat, but he is doing what he can.

He said the vehicle is “100 percent usable.”

The video shows the truck and Deere’s car are still in the driveway, and Deeman’s truck is sitting in the grass with his trucker hat on.

His trucker’s hat was a symbol of the accident, but Deere is using it as a memorial to himself.

The video ends with a call to “help me out.”

Deere told CNN affiliate WLTX he hopes people watch the video.

He’s trying to raise awareness and get people to look out for each other.