CARLY PEARCE, Associated Press Reporter Carly Pearce is an AP reporter in Los Angeles.

The Associated Press covers health and safety issues related to transportation, including car accidents and pedestrian and cyclist injuries.

Pearce joined NBC News in 2014.

(Photo: NBC News)Carly Pearcy, a 16-year-old girl from the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank, was riding her bicycle when she was hit by a car while crossing a street on Aug. 7, 2016.

Pearcy’s parents say she was wearing a helmet at the time and that she was on the sidewalk in a crosswalk when the collision happened.

The crash caused a massive amount of damage and she died at the scene.

A police report says Pearce was speeding down a sidewalk in front of her home and was hit from behind by a driver who fled the scene after the crash.

The Los Angeles Police Department says the crash occurred after officers tried to stop Pearcy from driving on a sidewalk that was also being used as a bike lane.

Police said Pearce’s parents told officers that Pearcy was wearing helmet at time of the crash and that they had not seen her wearing one at the point of impact.

Pearcys mother says Pearcy didn’t wear a helmet.

The car in question has been impounded.

The investigation is continuing and the driver remains at large.

The collision killed a 16 and 17-year old girl, who were both wearing helmets.

Pearce’s mother, Kimberly Pearce, says she hopes the accident will prompt parents to take their children out of the car pool, which is part of the Los Angels public safety campaign to promote walking and biking in Los Angels.

The LA Police Department said Pearcly was in a bike parking area and was riding on the street when she crashed into the car.

The driver, whom police have not identified, fled the vehicle.

Pearcy’s family says they were told by police that Pearce didn’t need to wear a protective helmet.

She was riding in a street bike lane and didn’t use the sidewalk as a crosswalks.

They say Pearce has not been wearing a protective head helmet since the accident.

Pearces parents say the car in the incident was a white Ford Fusion.

A police spokesman says it’s believed the driver is not in custody.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has said the city will look at how it can improve traffic safety, but Pearccy’s death is one of many cases that have raised concerns about pedestrian safety.

Los Angelenos for All Streets, which works to raise awareness about pedestrian and bike safety in Los Angles, recently released a report detailing pedestrian deaths and injuries.

It said more than 1,600 pedestrians and bicyclists were injured or killed in traffic collisions in Los Angeles in 2016.