You’ll need to make sure your baby’s car seat fits snugly into its chest, especially if it has a foam pad or soft padding, or you may need to change the straps if they’re too loose.

The problem is most cribs won’t have an infant booster seat, but the safest way to get the best fit is to buy a crib with a booster seat.

The seat is the perfect spot for your baby to be in and you can change the seats if needed, but you’ll need a crib that is easy to get in and out of.

The key is to ensure the seat is snug enough for your child to be comfortable in it.

Read more here: crib fit and safety Read moreFirst things first, you’ll want to check the size of your baby.

You should also check to see if the crib fits comfortably on the chest of the child.

If you’re concerned about the comfort of your child’s chest, check for the padding of the crib and baby seats in the crib.

If it’s too tight, you may want to increase the size or position of the seat so that it’s comfortable for the baby to sit.

If you can, make sure you check the crib for the following: a baby seat that’s adjustable so that the child can sit with a firm, stable base, such as a push-in or push-out booster seat