A Chinese student who was killed in a car accident while traveling home from a university in Guangdong province died after he fell into a pond, officials said.

The student was driving a yellow Hyundai Sonata in Qingzhou on Wednesday, when it collided with another car on the highway, according to state media.

He died at a hospital in the city of Jiaoyang.

A spokesman for the city government, who asked not to be identified, told Xinhua news agency that the young man’s mother was among those who were taken to the hospital, and that a preliminary examination showed he had a heart condition.

Authorities have yet to say whether the incident was a result of the accident or the result of a medical issue.

A woman who was in the passenger seat of the Sonata, a red car, was rescued from the scene by a passerby, Xinhua reported.

It was unclear what caused the accident, and it was unclear whether the car was stopped.

A police official at the scene said the car’s registration had been registered with a company in China, but could not confirm whether the company is still operating in the country.