Gas prices have fallen sharply in recent months as the U.S. economy has recovered.

So how much cheaper can you get a car than you can buy a gas station?

Car rental and car buy options are getting cheaper, according to a report from Car and Driver magazine.

The magazine said that a typical rental car for a family of four costs about $3,000, or about 25% less than the average gas station.

A car bought for $5,000 would be about $9,000.

Car rental rates have fallen by about 40% since 2010.

They’re down to $1,200 for a typical 30-minute rental and $1.20 for an hourlong one, the magazine said.

Car sales have also dropped in the past year.

The auto industry lost 7.6% of its business in the second quarter of this year, according the National Association of Manufacturers.

The industry lost an additional 6.6%.