Jojo si Wa’s new lead role as Wonder Woman in Justice League is her first as a female superhero and her first lead role in a DC movie, a new report says.

Jojo SiWa’s new starring role as the new Wonder Woman comes as she prepares to make her long-awaited debut as the Justice League in the Justice Leaguers crossover event.

Siwa has previously voiced her support for female superheroes and her character has been a mainstay in DC’s cinematic universe since its inception.

She is also one of the highest-paid female actors on the planet, earning $18.5 million in 2015, her second-highest grossing year ever behind Sandra Bullock’s $19.3 million, according to Forbes.

The film’s cast includes Ben Affleck as Wonder Man, Gal Gadot as Wonder Girl, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as Flash and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

It is also co-produced by Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and 20th Century Fox.

Siwa, 42, was previously nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the superhero franchise Justice League.

She also starred in the upcoming film Justice League: Gods and Monsters, which was released in August.

In the film, Siwa plays a superhero who is part of a superteam of superheroes who battle a mysterious threat known as the Spectre, who has the power to transform into an alien.

She and her fellow superheroes battle the Spectre in an epic battle in a fictional city called Metropolis.

Justice League is expected to begin filming next month.