Jojo siwan, who is a baby born with cerebral palsy, is getting a new car, and he is being offered a job at day care.

The couple, from Nyack, New York, have had Jojo for more than two years, and she is already a star in her community, said her mother, Mariam, who works at a day care facility.

“We’re looking for a car for her, because she has a big personality,” she said.

“We’re excited about it.

It’s going to be great for Jojo.”

“She loves to be in the car, so we think it will be a great opportunity for her to get out of the house and do what she wants to do,” Mariam said.

After she is ready to go, she will get her first ride at a park, or go to her grandmothers house to play with the dogs.

She has already gotten her first puppy, but she is also looking for another one.

“I think we will do more than one ride,” Maram said.

“Jojo’s a very outgoing, playful little girl, so she’s always going to have a lot of people she likes to meet.

I know she’s a great kid.”

Jojo is just one of many babies born with congenital defects who are getting the care they need.

In November, a baby girl named Lola was born to a mother who had a congenital defect called Cushion, which meant her baby had no head, face or lungs.

Lola is expected to live about two years.

Baby boy in a wheelchair has been getting attentionSince Lola’s birth, the Baby Boom community has been sharing pictures of the children they’ve been raising in their carpools.

“It’s amazing that our baby boy is now the most sought after baby in our community,” Marim said.

The community has also been donating money to a charity that helps parents like Jojo, who have no car and rely on their car as their sole means of transportation.

Mariam said that when Jojo is ready, she hopes to see the carpooling trend explode.

“The baby boomers are not just about cars anymore,” Marram said.

They have cars to take them to concerts and other events.

And now, they want to see it spread to other communities.

“When they’re ready, they’ll drive to the park, and they’ll have a baby, and then they’ll be able to get back to their cars,” Marlam said.