The latest Apple stock price update could spell trouble for some of the most popular Apple cars on the market.

The latest Apple CarPlay update has been available since last Friday, and the latest update for the car software update includes new features such as Bluetooth connectivity, new apps for navigation, and a new “car mode” mode.

Apple also made some other minor updates to its CarPlay system this week, including a new feature that allows users to set up a CarPlay-enabled phone for navigation.

Some Apple Car owners have been using the new update to download apps for their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and some Apple Car apps have been getting updated as well.

Apple’s CarPlay features are pretty basic, so it’s no surprise to see them getting updated.

Some Car owners who have purchased new iPhones in the past week might be disappointed to find that Apple has dropped support for CarPlay on some models.

Apple did add CarPlay support for some older iPhones, but it’s unclear whether the updates will continue to roll out to older models.

It’s possible that Apple is planning to remove support for older iPhones in future updates.

CarPlay has also been updated for some other smart home products, such as Nest Thermostat and Nest Smoke Thermostats.

It also allows users of the CarPlay devices connected to other devices to share files and data.

The update also includes new Apple Watch apps for accessing data, managing calendar events, and managing Apple Pay transactions.

It’s not entirely clear how many users will be affected by Apple’s CarWatch update, but we’re expecting a lot of owners to be impacted by the new features and services in the new software update.