When you want to turn your toddler into a Lexis car lover, this car kit is for you.

Car owners across the globe are taking to the road to build the ultimate car in this kit.

The kits car is a Mercedes-Benz CLS 300, and this kit takes the styling cues of a Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes-Mercedes CLS 300 is a supercar that is also a sporty car.

The car is designed for both kids and adults, and the kit includes an interior with two rows of seats, a power liftgate and a front bumper with a power steering wheel.

The kit includes a leather interior, and even a headrest, steering wheel, pedals and a power driver’s seat.

The interior also includes a power sunroof and a heated driver’s side seat.

It comes with a rearview camera, navigation system, rear view camera, stereo, a remote start system and an LED lighting system.

It also comes with an audio system with a built-in speaker and an audio amplifier.

The kids car comes with its own Bluetooth speaker system.

The headrest comes with the front and rear bumpers.

This is the second kit to come out of Lexus Australia, and it’s the first kit to include the Mercedes-AMG GT 3.0-litre V8 engine.

The Lexus-AMI GT 3 has a top speed of 205km/h, and can go from 0 to 100km/hr in 3.7 seconds.

The engine has a 5.5-liter V12, which is rated at 7,500kg.

The V8 is rated for over 700 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque.

The exterior of the Mercedes car is painted in a glossy metallic paint scheme, and has a Mercedes logo in the middle of the windshield.

The rearview mirror is a white metal design that’s covered with LED lights.

The lights on the hood are white and a Mercedes badge.

The headlights are chrome, and there is also an illuminated dash panel that gives you a view of the surrounding road.

It has the Lexus name and the Mercedes logo on it.

It’s also available with a leather upholstery.

The top and the roof are all covered in carbon fiber, which adds to the aerodynamics of the car.

And the rear seats are fitted with carbon fiber and leather.

The roof and the front seats are also carbon fiber.

The brakes are also custom made by Lexus, and they’re adjustable and adjustable.

The wheels are alloy wheels with carbon ceramic brakes.

The suspension is carbon-ceramic, and all four tires have carbon ceramic shocks.

The front seats can be adjusted to the driver’s height, and you can choose between a recline or tilt-up.

The steering wheel is a dual-axis, five-point steering system, which allows for quick steering changes in tight spaces.

It features an instrument panel that displays speed, distance and other road information.

The vehicle also comes standard with a remote control for the front door.

The driver seat has a full height armrest and a reclining seatback, and also comes in a four-point adjustable armrest.

The seats also have a push-to-wake system, and a head rest.

The backrest is also adjustable.

There’s also a power-assist power lift, and an electric power steering system that helps the car get up to 80km/hour.

There are also Bluetooth speakers and a Bluetooth remote for remote start, Bluetooth speaker with an earpiece and Bluetooth speaker in the roof.

The brake pedals are also adjustable and they are also a full-length carbon-carbon type.

The leather up and the hood can also be customized to the wearer’s height.

The power doors are also customizable.

You can also choose between an interior that’s a black interior, a white interior or a grey interior.

There is also LED lighting on the trunk.

The seat height can also also be adjusted.

The standard package comes with three sets of power windows.

It can also include one set of power mirrors, a full moon screen, a sunroofer, power moonroof, power sunshade, power wipers, rear crosswind and rear diffuser.

There can also come an optional kit that includes two sets of Power mirrors, and two Power mirrors and an additional power-reflecting rear diffusing system.

If you want an even bigger Lexus car and want it with more of a sportier feel, you can add an aftermarket power-glove system.

This kit includes power-sensing technology, which helps the Lexuses to stay on track.

The LED light strip that’s on the outside of the headrest also comes on, so the car can be seen when you’re out and about.

The aftermarket car is equipped with power-optimized suspension.

The springs are custom made for the Mercedes, and their unique shape makes the springs softer.

They’re also