A man has found a used Volkswagen Golf that sold at a $6,000 garage sale in California.

The vehicle had been sitting on the street for a year, and the seller had just moved it out of storage when he saw the sale and thought, “This is going to be fun!”

The man who bought the car, James P. Dornan, says he didn’t know it was an antique car until the day he put it up for sale.

“I was looking at the car and I realized I’m going to have to sell it, I think, to make it worth my while,” Dornas told ABC News.

The car had been parked at the garage sale for more than a year.

The owner was selling it because he said the car was in bad shape, Dornans father says.

He told ABC affiliate KCRA he would sell the car for $3,000 to $4 to cover repairs and maintenance.

The seller agreed to sell the vehicle for $1,000 because it was a “blessing” to his family.

“It’s going to make a lot of people happy, especially my wife,” Dronan said.

Dornan says the car had no previous problems.

“I just thought I would give it a little go-around.”

Dornans family is in shock.

The car is in perfect shape.

It’s brand new, has no rust, has never had a mechanical problem.

I just thought it was going to go up for a little drive, Dronans wife said.

“It’s worth $3k to me.

That’s a miracle.”