Car rental company Kayak Cars has been announced as the UK’s new car rental company, with new car rentals starting from £300 per person.

The new company, Kayak, says they’ll offer the UK an array of car rentals including a range of new vehicles, and the new company has confirmed to us that they are also offering an array, of cars from other countries.

The company is launching a new UK service called the Kayak Campervan, which will be launching in 2018.

Car rental company The company will offer an array car rentals to the UK from a range that is “unmatched anywhere in the world” from new and used vehicles, as well as the latest models, according to the company.

This will include a range from the Honda Accord, Ford Focus and Audi A4, as the company explains.

It also includes a range for the Volkswagen Golf and Audi R8.

The Kayak campervan will be available from September 1, 2018, and will include two fully equipped couches, two double beds, two separate kitchens, and a car wash.

It will also include a fully equipped bathroom with a shower and shower curtain.

The Kayak car rentals will be priced at £300 a person per night, and they will start with a three-month lease for £550.

KAYAK CAR RENTALS NEW CAR RENTS ARE ON THE WAY Kayak Cars said they will be expanding their services to include the new range of cars.

They are also expanding the range of car rental packages available in the country to include new vehicles.

Kayaker Cars will be offering a range, of carrentals, to the United Kingdom, the company said.

“Kayak is the UKs leading car rental operator and has pioneered new services for the UK, the European Union and worldwide,” said David Maclaren, Head of Kayak’s UK Operations.

“Our new Kayak CAMPERVAN service will provide the UK with an array vehicle rentals, from luxury and high-performance vehicles, to low-cost options that are great value for money.

We are also proud to announce a new range for our Kayak brand.

The NEW Kayak CAR RENEWALING PACKAGES, to be launched in 2018, will include luxury vehicles, including the Ford Focus, Honda Accord and Audi S4. 

Kayak said that it has already started offering new car leasing packages in the United States, where they are already offering car rentals through a partnership with BMW.

You can see the full list of Kayaker Car rentals in the chart below: Kayaking car rentals are a great way to get out and enjoy a beautiful day out, while enjoying a great selection of premium brands and cars. 

For more details about Kayak and their services, you can visit the company’s website here.