BMW says it will introduce a new electric car that it says will be a “natural extension of the current vehicle.”

The new vehicle will be based on a new generation of lithium-ion batteries and the company says it can meet emissions targets, but it won’t be a replacement for gas.

“The BMW i3 electric vehicle is more than just a replacement, it is a complement,” said BMW’s president of business development, Dieter Zetsche.

“Its energy storage is more efficient than any gasoline-electric vehicle on the market today, and its battery pack is the most advanced in the industry.”

According to Zetschel, the new car’s range is the same as that of a typical gasoline-powered car, and the i3 can go as far as 1,000 kilometres on a single charge.

According the company, the car’s fuel economy is equivalent to that of an average gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle.

The car’s “fuel efficiency” is based on the average gasoline consumption of an SUV, with an average fuel consumption of 35 kilometres per litre of gas.

The average diesel-electric hybrid can achieve 60 kilometres per hour, and an average electric car can reach 70 kilometres per trip.

BMW says the new i3 is expected to be in production by 2020.

The company says the car will offer an “innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly” design that “can be used in urban and rural areas alike.”

The company says there are many advantages to the car.

It will also be the first car that uses a “flexible” charging system, which will allow it to be driven at higher speeds.

But, the company has said the new electric i3 will not be a gas-based vehicle.

Billionaire Elon Musk said that the i2, an electric car, is a better option for consumers.

I am very excited about the BMW i4, he said.

“I think that BMW will be able to compete with Tesla in the electric car market and I think that they will have a very solid product.”

Musk said the company is developing its own battery, but he said that a “big, heavy car” is a must for the i4.

He said that BMW is developing a new “high performance electric” that could make it a competitive competitor to Tesla.

Last year, BMW said it would launch the i5 electric car later this year.