On Thursday night, the first round of the AFL Grand Final will be broadcast live on Fox, with the AFL grand final scheduled to be the third best-selling live event in the US in terms of total revenue.

Fox Sports’ live coverage of the Grand Final has also been a smash hit in the UK, with more than one million viewers tuning in to watch live from the Premier League clash.

While we’ve not had any of the usual problems with the Grand Finals being aired on TV in the States, some viewers may have noticed that the AFL and AFLW finals are being streamed on Fox’s new app, Fox Sports Go.

The app also allows viewers to watch games from the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany, and it can stream the game live from other channels as well.

Fox has been heavily involved in the NFL playoffs and has also made major improvements to the live game experience in the past year.

Fox Sports’ NFL app was recently redesigned, adding a live feed to all of the games and adding a few additional features.

The live stream will include highlights, highlights and more from all of Sunday’s games, and there will also be a live blog with live updates on the play of each team.

The AFL and the AFLW are set to host the grand final live on FOX Sports Go for the first time in history, with both leagues set to play the game on Fox for the third straight year.

The AFL grand Final is set to air on Fox at 6pm AEST on Saturday, June 23, and the match will be live streamed on the Fox Sports app for free.