You’ve got a car accident claim and you’re asking a lawyer to represent you.

How do you know when you should call a lawyer and when you need to hire an experienced car accident attorney?

Let’s take a look.

Read moreHow to File an Accident Claim in Massachusetts If you’ve been injured in a car crash in Massachusetts, you may be able to get money back from your car accident lawsuit.

The law protects you against being financially injured in an accident by:• being injured as a result of the driver’s negligent acts or omissions, or• the driver intentionally causing your injury.• a violation of a traffic regulation.• an infraction or violation of traffic laws.

The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Law (MVLA) defines an accident as:• when one or more persons are in a vehicle engaged in an unlawful or reckless conduct;• when a vehicle is involved in an automobile collision or other vehicle accident;• in which the occupants of the vehicle are killed or injured as the result of a collision, other vehicle collision, or other incident involving a motor vehicle.

You may be entitled to money damages in a Massachusetts accident lawsuit by:· the car accident that caused you injury, or· the vehicle involved in the accident.• the vehicle in which you were injured.• damage that is attributable to your injuries.• damages that you may recover under the laws of another state or country, including the damages you may receive in a civil action against the state or any governmental agency or agency or instrumentality of a state or another country.

You have a right to compensation under the Massachusetts law if:· you were a passenger in the car at the time of the accident;· the driver of the car involved in your accident was at fault; and· the accident was caused by a combination of circumstances.

You can file an accident claim in Massachusetts if you were:A Massachusetts motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you with your accident claim, including:• understanding the laws relating to the law of negligence and the accident• negotiating an agreement with the court to settle your claims for damages• negotiating damages in connection with a settlement agreement that includes a court order• securing a jury trialThe Massachusetts law does not apply to:• any civil action brought in any court or in any administrative agency in the state; or• any other type of civil action.• any type of legal proceeding in a court of law.• claims under the provisions of any other law.

You must contact your lawyer within 14 days of the time you were harmed, or within 14 calendar days of becoming injured, whichever is earlier, if you have any questions about your accident or your claim.

You should also consult your lawyer if you are seeking any of the following:• damages or costs to which you are entitled under the law;• a reduction in damages;• costs or attorneys fees incurred as a consequence of your claim;• any compensation you are required to pay;• court costs or fees;• and• other reasonable costs.

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