LHI Care, the largest child care provider in the United States, is launching a service to help parents pay for their children’s care at home.

The new platform, called LHI Day Care, will let parents pay to get their children out of the day care home.LHI Day Outlet will allow parents to pay to go to a local LHI-operated day care center and have the day-care provider provide their child with a personalized visit.

The visit will include a visit to the home, a parent’s home, and/or a school visit.

Once the parents are in the home for a visit, they will be able to pick up their children and they can have their children home with them.

The new LHI day care is also part of a broader initiative called the Childcare Gateway Initiative, which aims to give families the ability to pay online for day-to-day child care.

LHI announced last week that it has secured more than $400 million in federal funding to help it provide day care and childcare services to families.

The initiative will also expand its day care network to help meet the needs of low-income families, including families with children.