It’s not just that the new Car Charging technology isn’t a hit with consumers.

It’s that it’s being used unfairly by many consumers.

In fact, a new survey commissioned by Consumer Reports shows that Car Chargers are being used as a way to increase sales.

The survey found that almost two-thirds of consumers said they have used a Car Charged device, often by mistake.

That means that more than one-third of consumers have done this with a CarCharger.

In addition, almost half of the respondents said they are concerned about the safety of Car Chargings.

Car Charging has been a staple of the automotive industry for more than 40 years, and there’s a long history of consumers using the technology to save money.

But this year, a lot of people are starting to worry that the technology may be a bad investment.

Consumer Reports, which has tracked consumer behavior for over 40 years and is based in the United States, has found that consumers are using Car Chargering to spend more than twice as much as other consumers.

Consumer advocates have argued that the industry needs to change how consumers use the technology.

For example, they argue that consumers need to realize that the use of CarChargers can result in greater environmental impact and more damage to the environment than other charging devices.

Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group based in California, also says consumers are being “overcharged” by the car charging industry.

The group says that consumers who use Car Chargors to save on fuel are not buying the technology for its intended purpose.

ConsumerWatchdog also claims that the car chargers are often used as “unnecessary” and “unfair” ways to increase profits for the car companies.

Consumer groups are also calling for a ban on Car Chargingly and for consumers to use safer and less expensive options.