More than a decade after it was first installed, a lawn care company in Los Angeles is preparing for another drought, this time for a drought that is likely to be more severe than previous ones.

A drought is when water levels in rivers, lakes and streams drop below normal levels and the water is used for agricultural purposes, such as irrigation.

In Los Angeles, water levels are expected to be about 10 percent below normal in the next few months, according to the city’s Department of Water and Power.

The Los Angeles Times reports that water officials have been monitoring water levels since the start of the drought, and said the number of people who have tested positive for high levels of the bacterium is rising.

Drought expert David Siegel told the newspaper that even if people are not sickened, they could be infected with the bacteria and the virus that causes dengue fever.

Drainage is already expected to worsen this summer, with water levels dropping below normal for several days in the Los Angeles area, and the Los Angels International Airport has suspended flights.

The Associated Press reports that the airport suspended all flights Tuesday because of the dengues outbreak.

The airport has reported more than 100 denguers.

The city of Los Angeles reported more denguer cases than any other in California.

The city has reported a total of 1,965 cases, including 624 deaths.

It has also reported over 700 cases of coronavirus.