Northwell Emergency Care is looking to sell its emergency care services business to an Asian company, South West Capital, for up to $100 million.

The announcement comes a week after Northwell confirmed it would close the South West Health and Social Services, which includes emergency care and counselling services.

The South West is a part of Northwell’s emergency care business.

It employs about 25 people and is the largest provider of acute care services in the state.

A spokesperson for Northwell said the company had received offers for emergency services and had received a request for an additional $100m from the Asian company.

The spokesperson said the offer was based on a valuation and “in accordance with the terms of the business lease”.

“The company will use its existing capital to make the necessary investment to fully realise its potential,” the spokesperson said.

The business was shut down in December 2015 after the company was acquired by Northwell.

South West Capital has also recently bought a stake in South Australian Emergency Care.