Junk Cars: What the market wants, but few can deliver.

The demand is there.

But it’s not easy.

There’s been a surge in car-related marketing that uses junk cars and car decal stickers, or Nuna car seats.

For example, a recent ad on Craigslist advertised for a $99 “Junk Car Seat” for an elderly couple in San Francisco.

It includes a photo of a junk car with a window rolled up, and a message that reads, “We offer FREE junk car seats.”

The ad was spotted by Recode, which called the ads “disturbing.”

It’s not uncommon for junk car-inspired ads to be targeted at seniors, which makes sense, according to Recode’s Emily M. Smith.

But it’s especially distressing that it’s happening in San Franciscans homes, she says.

“It’s really sad that this is happening in the homes of seniors,” she says, noting that people often drive to San Francisco for work, but they don’t go to a car dealership to buy a car.

Smith also points out that the ads don’t make any claims that Nuna’s car seats are better or safer than traditional car seats, because Nuna is not a consumer product.

Still, Smith says, the ads should be stopped.

That’s because it’s illegal to use any product made by someone other than an actual car.

And even if the ads are made to sell products that are unsafe, Smith warns that “you can’t make it illegal to get rid of a product you can’t get rid.

So I think it’s really important that these ads stop.”

“These are real-world ads,” she adds.

“They’re showing us what is out there.”

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