When is the next Audi Q5?

A new model for the Audi brand may not be far away.According to a new report from the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Audi is planning to unveil a new Q5 in 2019.The new car will be called the Q5 Premium, and will likely be based on the Q6 sedan, but with a slightly tweaked layout.The company […]

Why is cara dying?

Exer urgent health care services have become increasingly scarce due to an ageing population and a lack of spare parts, but a recent study has suggested that the cars themselves are the culprits.According to the study by the research and health charity Care.com, cara’s demise was due to the increasing use of “emergency car” devices, […]

The perfect car rental deal for new parents

An ideal car rental is the perfect way to start your family’s journey to adulthood, says John McWhorter, president of the National Association of Car Rental Companies.“It will get you through the first few years of driving, and it will give you access to the full range of car brands,” he said.The group’s annual car […]

How to find the best sports car for you

The 2018 Nissan GT-R might be one of the best all-round sports cars in the world, but it doesn’t offer the level of performance you need to win the big races.With a low-slung, mid-engine, low-racing V6 engine and a sporty rear wing, the GT-P will get you a lot of points but it’s not a […]

How to find a National Car Rental service in Dublin

The Dublin taxi industry has had an upsurge in demand recently and taxi services are becoming increasingly popular, with drivers increasingly looking to use their services to travel to the capital.It’s been reported that in recent months the number of people who are requesting National Car Rentals in Dublin has more than doubled, according to […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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